Netflix Movie of the Week: “Hush”



“Hush” is a new movie that premiered on Netflix and stars Kate Siegel as a deaf and mute woman who lives a life of solidarity in the middle of the woods. Her life of solidarity is soon invaded when a masked killer shows up at her window.

What makes Hush so thrilling and nerve racking is the fact that the main character is deaf and can’t hear the intruder approaching. Some of the most nerve racking moments are when the masked killer is standing behind her tapping on the window and she doesn’t notice or when he is standing behind her and she is completely oblivious.

The movie also teases its audience very well too. There are many times when the movie takes Siegel’s perspective and the movie goes silent and you don’t know where the intruder is. It’s horror filmmaking at its finest.

Mike Flanagan’s direction is really great here. The way he sets up his shots really build the suspense. When she’s working on her computer and the intruder is standing right behind her, the shot Flanagan uses is quite spine tingling. Flanagan, as I mentioned above does a really good job of getting into Siegel’s head and the that’s why the movie does so well.

The acting by the very small cast is quite good. Kate Siegel does a very good job in her role. The vulnerability of her character is really felt throughout and Siegel really portrays it well. John Gallagher Jr. does a good job as the intruder, he doesn’t have a very tough role and so by any means a lot of actors could have pulled it off, but he does good with what he is given.

Siegel’s character is really is fleshed out very well and is very likeable. The movie does a very good job of introducing her character and giving her substance. This is done in a few ways. She has a discussion with a neighbour, a conversation with her sister on Skype, and having her attempting to write a new book. It’s all done very well and within the first 10 minutes we are already very invested in her character.

As for the bad, the movie does take a while to get going, it has a little bit of a slow build. With a runtime of only 81 minutes, it could use a bit of a faster buildup. The intruder’s motives also aren’t clear at all, I mean you could just say he was crazy and picked a random house, but it felt like there was going to be some major reason as to why he’s there but the payoff never came. There’s also something at the end that happens that I’m not a big fan of. It’s a pet peeve of mine in movies, it’s kind of a spoiler, so I won’t say it here, but I wasn’t a fan. When you see it you’ll know what it is.

In the end Hush is an exciting, well acted, and well directed thriller that is filled with adrenaline and tons of thrills. Despite the few flaws, it’s a very enjoyable movie.


2 thoughts on “Netflix Movie of the Week: “Hush”

  1. Corbin Sorensen May 6, 2016 / 6:31 pm

    I totally agree with you here! Just saw this movie last weekend and thoroughly enjoyed it. The use of sound is awesome. It really messed with my expectations of the movie.


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