Netflix Movie of the Week: Kill Bill


Kill Bill is one of my favourite movies of all time. Everything about the movie works and it is one incredible thrill ride. From the opening shot to the last, the movie grips you with the intense, graphic and exciting action and grips you even more with its smart, witty, and clever dialogue.

While it kind of is two movies, I like to think of it as one whole movie. That’s the way director Quentin Tarantino felt about it and I feel the same way. Tarantino intended it to be one movie but decided to split it at some point. You can tell when you watch an early trailer. They never mention vol. 1 or or 2 until the second trailer.

Uma Thurman is fantastic as the Bride. Maybe her best performance she has ever given.She is so sympathetic yet, will kill in a second. Thurman pulls this off perfectly and she was the perfect choice for the role. She is totally believable the entire movie. Lucy Liu gives a great performance as O-Ren Ishii being very intimidating. Daryl Hannah is very good as Elle Driver, and David Carradine is perfect as Bill. Carradine has the perfect voice and it’s really sadistic sounding and was the best choice for it.

Tarantino is masterful behind the camera. Every shot is absolutely perfect. It’s mesmerizing what he is able to do. His homage to old samurai movies and anime is perfection. The music, the style, everything just works.


In the end the story is about redemption. It’s the classic story of revenge. Volume 1 is mainly a revenge story about a woman wronged and now seeking revenge. Part 2 focuses a lot on the back story, The Bride’s training, the origins of what exactly happened, and it really develops the characters very well.

Overall, the movie is very well done, it’s beautiful at times, and it’s a movie I love watching and will continue to watch.


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