Best/Worst: Comic Book Movies

This Friday marks the release of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows, a sequel we all wanted right? I mean, the first one was so good, we just had to have a sequel! I’m not particularly looking forward to the release, but since it is based off a comic book, here are my picks for the best and worst comic book movies.



The Dark Knight was such an incredible achievement all across the board. It proved that comic book movies can be more than just campy, fun, and light-hearted. They can be dark, serious, and art. The Dark Knight is so rich and engrossing as a movie, it stops being a comic book movie and instead turns into a crime drama that just so happens to have Batman in it. It’s that good. The movie changed the comic book genre forever. Ever since, comic book movies have been attempting to create a grittier and realistic world for their movie. Some have been successful, and others, as you will see below, have failed miserably.

Heath Ledger’s perfect and legendary performance is terrifying, haunting, and mesmerizing. His portrayal of the Joker is unlike anything we’ve seen before and most likely anything we ever will see. Christopher Nolan crafts a captivating story from start to finish. His direction is superb and they way he tells the story is masterful. The way the story of Harvey Dent is told is tragic and heart-wrenching. One of the biggest themes throughout the movie is how a good person can fall and to see someone as good as Harvey Dent fall and become the villain Two-Face is just incredible. Aaron Eckhart plays it so well.

Th movie is just so incredible and captivating from beginning to end. Nolan starts it in just the right way. We get our introduction to the Joker in the very first scene and we immediately understand how this character works and what to expect throughout the movie. The movie is 2 and a half hours long, but it never feels like it. It zips along at such a good pace. The tension is constantly building all the way to the incredible finale. Everything in the movie works. It’s not only the best comic book movie ever made, but it’s one of the best movies ever made.



I hate this movie. Hate hate hate. Maybe it’s because Spider-Man is my favorite superhero and they totally took this character and destroyed it. This movie is fails on all levels. It fails as a comic book movie, it fails as a superhero movie, it fails as a Spider-Man movie, and it fails as a movie in general. While comic book movies like Batman and Robin are bad, they’re bad in a funny kind of way. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is so bad it’s infuriating.

The movie had so much potential to be good. They had Green Goblin and Electro, two of Spider-Man’s best villains, and they butchered both of them! Electro has a good buildup to his character, but then once he becomes Electro, his turn being a villain and his reason for hating Spider-Man is so forced and unnatural. There is no reason for him to turn except because the writers needed him to. Green Goblin is shoehorned into the movie at the end just to do one thing. He does it, they fight, and then it ends. He’s in it for 10 minutes and then leaves. What a waste of a great villain.

The movie is so choppy too there’s no flow to it. It’s just a series of scenes chopped together and thrown onto the screen. The uninteresting back story of Peter’s parents no one cares about, Peter and Gwen’s on and off again relationship that gets old really fast, Peter and Harry’s forced friendship, and the constant set up for a Sinister Six movie which we aren’t getting anymore. The movie is just jam packed with so many things that it can’t stay focused on itself. Andrew Garfield does a good job being Spider-Man, but I just don’t buy him as Peter Parker. Peter Parker isn’t supposed to be a cool, hip, and really attractive guy. Garfield just doesn’t have that look. The filmmakers built up Rhino and he’s in the movie for 5 minutes.

They also end the movie with the exact same shot they ended the trailer with. If you end the trailer in the middle of a fight scene with a known villain, you’re telling the audience that they are going to get to see this fight scene when they see the movie. By ending the movie the same way it’s a total insult to the audience.

The movie is just a gigantic mess and as a huge Spider-Man fan it’s just infuriating. Spider-Man is my favorite superhero and they butchered everything in this movie. We still have 2004’s Spider-Man 2 which is still the best Spider-Man movie we’ve had so far. A movie that perfectly captures the essence of the Spider-Man character. Hopefully the new Spider-Man movie coming out next year can be just as good if not better. One thing for sure is we wont be seeing an atrocity as bad as this one.




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