Best/Worst of Disney/Pixar


This Thursday marks the release of Disney/Pixar’s Finding Dory. Over the years Disney/Pixar has been very consistent, releasing top quality movies year after year.Very rarely do they miss. So today, in anticipation of Finding Dory, I want to talk about the best and worst of Disney/Pixar.




I have loved Wall-E since the moment I saw it. It’s a beautiful work of animation and storytelling. The standout scene is by far the space scene in space of Wall-E and Eve dancing in space. It’s glorious and beautiful. The storytelling is near perfect. The first half of the movie there is almost no dialogue, it’s just Wall-E rolling around doing his job. Through just visuals, we learn so much. We learn who Wall-E is, we learn what he is about, we learn so much about his personality, and it’s all done through animation. That is animation at its best. Wall-E is by far Disney/Pixar’s best work.



A Bug’s Life


Worst is not a very good term when it comes to Disney/Pixar. In my opinion, they haven’t really made a terrible movie. Now, I haven’t seen Cars, Cars 2, Up, or Ratatouille, but from what I have seen, my least favorite would have to be A Bug’s Life. Now it doesn’t mean A Bug’s Life is a bad movie, it’s just the movie for me that is the least memorable. Besides the caterpillar, the characters don’t really stay with you and the movie alone is kind of forgettable. It’s one of Disney/Pixar’s only movies that I don’t turn to when I see it on TV. It’s just a movie that I would never choose to watch and so for me, it’s my least favorite.



One thought on “Best/Worst of Disney/Pixar

  1. atthematinee June 20, 2016 / 4:37 am

    Really enjoyed this! Have you thought about sharing it on any movie sites?


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