Netflix Review: Left Behind


There comes a point while watching Left Behind, when the thought comes, “It can’t possibly get any worse… right?” Unfortunately it does. Left Behind not only gets worse, it’s a movie that consistently gets worse the longer it goes on until, finally it ends… only to set up a sequel that will undoubtedly be even worse.

Left Behind stars Nicholas Cage as a airline pilot who is flying a plane when suddenly, the rapture occurs. In the blink of an eye, millions of people all over the world, including a few people on the plane vanish, leaving the world in a chaotic and destructive state.

Now, first things first, this may just be the worst movie I have ever seen in my entire life. I know a lot of people are over dramatic when they say things like that, but I am telling you, this movie is horrific on all levels. The idea makes for an interesting story, but it is executed in the worst way possible. The performances all across the table are horrific . Nicholas Cage gives yet another terrible performance. He has not one shred of believability in the movie. Cassi Thomson plays his daughter and she also gives a terrible performance. The acting is just laughable. Whenever, the actors are trying to pull of a dramatic scene, their performance is just so bad it just comes off as funny.


The movie is very sluggish as well. It’s low budget, and it feels like a made-for-TV movie. Yet, this movie is even worse than most TV movies. It’s very low budget and you can tell it’s low budget. Low budget does not always mean bad. There are some terrific low budget movies, but when a low budget movie is bad, it’s very apparent.

The movie spends way too much time on earth following the daughter wandering around and it’s just not very interesting. The daughter is such an uninteresting character that after the third or fourth time you just don’t care about what she’s looking at anymore.

There is also a forced romance between Chad Michael Murray’s character and Cassi Thomson’s character that is less believable than Santa himself. They have a 5 minute conversation and by the end of the movie she is risking her life to save him. She’s cares more about saving his life than saving her father’s life.


The end of the movie is just ludicrous. She has to try and help Nicholas Cage land the plane and so she has to clear a path for the plane. First off, she finds a motorcycle and just happens to know how to ride one, very convenient. Then when she finds a road she has to clear it using a tractor. Guess what, she knows how to drive a tractor too! It’s just ridiculous moment after ridiculous moment.

This really is one of the worst movies I have eve seen. It’s not even a fun bad. It’s just agonizing all the way through. If you want to watch a bad movie to make fun of it, go ahead and watch it. If you want to avoid bad movies then by all means, avoid this movie at all costs.


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