Finding Dory Is Heartwarming In All The Right Ways



Pixar has once again found a way to warm our hearts and hit us right in the feels. The opening scene of Finding Dory features baby Dory, and she just may be the cutest Pixar character since Boo in Monsters Inc.

Finding Dory is the latest movie from Disney Pixar and once again stars Ellen DeGeneres as Dory the forgetful fish who one day remembers she has a family and sets out to go and look for them.

Now, going into this movie, there were some concerns. Often, when sequels take secondary characters and try and make them the lead, the movie fails. Could the Dory character really hold her own movie?

Gladly the answer to the question is yes. This movie is wonderful. It’s not Pixar’s best, but it’s another strong entry into their already impressive list of movies. Nearly everything in the movie works. From the amazing character development, to the beautiful animation. This is not a movie you want to miss.

Ellen DeGeneres absolutely nails it as Dory. This is one of the best voice castings of all time. The combination of voice and animation really adds to the character. There is no one else that could play the role. She is perfect. All the other voice work is good as well. Ed O’Neil is great as Hank the Octopus, Ty Burrell is great as Bailey the beluga whale and Albert Brooks is once again great as Marlin.


The movie has a really good pace as well. The movie never drags at all and it is really enjoyable throughout. The movie is also very funny throughout as well and there are jokes for both kids and adults. And the jokes for the adults aren’t rude, they’re just jokes, like most Disney movies, that just go over kids heads but adults will get it. The movie also has a great emotional core and it does a great job of balancing the funny and emotional moments.

In Finding Nemo, Dory’s short-term memory loss was used for a lot of the comedy. In Finding Dory, while it’s still used for a lot of laughs, they also use it to address important issues of mental health and how someone can learn to live with mental health issues and how others can help people with mental health. Pixar addresses these issues in such a smart and innovative way.

The animation is gorgeous. It’s bright and colorful and it really allows the audience to be immersed into this underwater world. It’s breathtaking at times and is further proof that Pixar is continuing to be the leader in animation. They are so far ahead of everyone else and their work continues to advance the animation industry. This movie is beautiful to look at.


As for negatives, there was only one kind of big one and that’s the story Marlin and Nemo are given. There is a good 20 minutes or so where the writers just don’t really know what to do with the characters and it feels like they’re just there to be there. Their story is not very interesting and it slows the movie down every time it cuts to them. It felt like the writers were including them at times just because they’re from the last movie. But once they are reunited with Dory, their screen time doesn’t really distract anymore and it picks up again.

Overall, this is a very good pixar movie, not top 5 material, but probably top 10. This is a very solid sequel that is great for the whole family and you definitely do not want to miss it.





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