Netflix Review: Left Behind


There comes a point while watching Left Behind, when the thought comes, “It can’t possibly get any worse… right?” Unfortunately it does. Left Behind not only gets worse, it’s a movie that consistently gets worse the longer it goes on until, finally it ends… only to set up a sequel that will undoubtedly be even worse.

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Netflix Review: Fuller House

Fuller house 2

This week, instead of reviewing a movie on Netflix, I’m going to review a series that I recently finished, Fuller House.

I, like many others, grew up on Full House. It’s a childhood memory and a show that I still watch when I see it on TV. It’s one of those older shows that has a lot of comedy, but still teaches great morals. So, just like everyone else, I was excited when they announced a sequel series was coming to Netflix. I read every article, watched every trailer and was very much looking forward to the series.



Then I watched the first episode. Oh boy, what a hot mess that first episode is. Continue reading