Logan is another milestone in the Comic Book movie genre


The comic book movie has seen a number of milestones throughout the past 17 years. In the year 2000 X-Men was released and stunned audiences with creating well-rounded, dynamic characters. It showed that a comic book movie could be more than just campy. 2004’s Spider-Man 2 took that even further by creating what I still say is in the top 10 comic book movies ever. It delved deep into the character of Peter Parker/Spider-Man and it served as a great character movie. The Dark Knight elevated the comic book movie to an entirely new level that may never Continue reading


Split is M. Night Shyamalan’s best in years


There was a time where M. Night Shyamalan was hailed as the next Spielberg or Hitchcock. Audiences flocked to his movies eagerly awaiting a thought-provoking thriller.

As the years went on however, his name became tainted. What started as “Oh wow! Shyamalan? I can’t wait!” after The Sixth Sense, eventually became, “ugh him again?” with The Last Airbender.

While 2015’s The Visit showed a promising comeback for the director, Split is finally the return to form we all wanted from the director and ranks among Shyamalan’s best work.

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Best/Worst: Comic Book Movies

This Friday marks the release of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows, a sequel we all wanted right? I mean, the first one was so good, we just had to have a sequel! I’m not particularly looking forward to the release, but since it is based off a comic book, here are my picks for the best and worst comic book movies.



The Dark Knight was such an incredible achievement all across the board. It proved that comic book movies can be more than just Continue reading

X-Men: Apocalypse is flawed, but still a great time


Fun fact, I had never seen X-Men: First Class or X-Men: Days of Future Past before this weekend. I took the long weekend to catch up and while Apocalypse is fun and does a good job of entertaining its audience and understanding the world it inhabits, it suffers from a few issues that does bog it down a bit. But it’s still a pretty good time.

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Money Monster: A great one-time watch



Money Monster stars George Clooney, Julia Roberts, and Jack O’Connell and tells the story of a financial TV host Lee Gates, you know those TV shows that tell you what stocks to invest in and what ones to drop, and his director Patty, who are put in an intense and extreme situation when an irate investor who lost everything in a stock takes over the studio during a live broadcast. While on air to millions of people, Lee and Patty must work together to find answers.

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